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Event Overview

Bowling Golf Poker in One Event

The Leisureman Triathlon

The Leisureman was created for individuals who enjoy relaxing sports and a bit of friendly competition.  Each event combines golf, bowling, and Texas Hold ‘Em to provide participants with a unique “triathlon” experience.  Net proceeds from each event are donated to local charities selected by our sponsors, event volunteers, and other stakeholders.  Join us for one of our events and come see what the Leisureman is all about!

The Events


Each participant will bowl a minimum of three strings. Any additional strings must be completed within the time limit.  Points will be awarded based upon score.


The standard rules of golf will apply…mostly.  Each participant is allowed 2 mulligans and 2 “foot wedges.”  Foot wedges can be used anytime and anywhere, except on the green.  Mulligans can be used any time.  Points will be awarded based upon handicapped scoring.


Texas Hold ‘Em tournament-style format with 3-hour time limit.  Blinds will increase gradually at the start and more rapidly as the tournament progresses.  After 3 hours, participants still remaining will be ranked based on the value of their chip stacks.  Points will be awarded based upon finishing position.

Registration Cost Includes

  • Minimum 3 strings of bowling plus shoes
  • Heavy hors d’oeuvres served during bowling
  • Golf shirt
  • 18 holes of golf plus cart
  • Lunch after golf
  • Various contest awards and prizes